Our mission

For Machine Gunners, by a Machine Gunner. Goons Up is all about the men in the field, the grunts, those who hump packs and stack bodies. We want to provide infantrymen with knowledge, resources and gear to make life easier. Whether it is weatherproof THULS manuals, MOS specific apparel or mission oriented gear, everything we do is with you in mind.
At Goons Up, we understand the value of camaraderie, which is why we also have the mission of building a community, a place for veterans and activity duty alike to reminisce, connect and find support.  

"We will cut our enemies down in droves. Our fires will be the substance of their nightmares. We will protect our brothers. The fields of the dead shall serve as evidence of our passing."

-Machine Gunners Creed

About Us

As a prior Marine Corps Machine Gunner and current National Guard infantryman, I have always had passion for representing the infantry community. In 2017 I made the Goons Up Instagram as a way to share knowledge and stay connected. Today, Goons Up is so much more, morphing into a brand, a platform, a community that is proud to represent all the infantry.