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Three Headed Rooster Tee

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The Three Headed Rooster Tee

The Opinionated Machine Gunner's concept of the essence or the trichotomy of a Machine Gunner. The three heads of the rooster represent the three main weapons systems used by Machine Gunners; the M240, M2 and Mk19, and represent the three members of the Machine Gun Team; Team Leader, Gunner and Ammunition Bearer. The rusty ammo can is a representation of the sometimes outdated and/or lack of supply we're often given and the pig...that's a wild pig that represents the gun, a wild animal who will eat everything she's fed and, if given the opportunity, will get away from you and f*ck your world up.

 Featuring art from Ben Cantwell Art.


Available in Green, Brown, Black, Sand and Forest Green. Goons Up logo on the front left breast.


Please allow 2+ weeks for these to begin printing.