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3d Battalion 23d Marines UNIS Tee

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The 3d Battalion 23d Marines UNIS Tee

UNIS (Unit Numerical Identification System) was used to keep unit identities discreet. The 4th Marine Division used this system to the greatest extent during World War 2. A combination of three numbers was stamped or painted in the center of a semi-circle. This number system was broken down as follows: Regiment/Battalion/Company. An example would be: 332 which is Item (India) Co 3d Battalion, 23d Marine Regiment (I/3/23). I took the liberty of adding a Weapons Company to each Bn which will end with the number 5, for example: Weapons Company 3/23 will be 335. 

These can be confusing so any questions, just ask!

Tees available in military green and royal pine. Royal Pine appears to be the closest color to the World War 2 era skivvy shirt. These will feature a small UNIS marking on the front left breast and a larger UNIS marking on the center back.

Please allow for 2+ weeks before these begin printing.